Why am I still receiving reminders?


If you have paid but are still receiving reminders or reminder fees, it may be due to the following reasons: The serial number was entered incorrectly or not entered at all during payment There is someone else who has paid [...]

Why am I still receiving reminders?2023-05-08T08:55:12+00:00

There where no fee on my windshield


The first warning letter from the us is just a reminder, which is sent to be sure that the parking fee has been received, as we cannot guarantee that an issued parking fee will remain on the windscreen until you [...]

There where no fee on my windshield2023-05-14T08:21:58+00:00

How we handle your complaint


1) Once we have received your inquiry, our Complaints Department will assess the case and then return our assessment to you in writing. Our handling time is approx. 7 working days, after which you will receive our assessment of the [...]

How we handle your complaint2023-05-03T07:48:22+00:00

When is a fee issued?


If you do not park according to the terms in a private parking area managed by us, a parking fee will be issued. The parking fee is issued according to the private law rules for parking.

When is a fee issued?2023-05-08T08:48:38+00:00

I was only parked shortly


In areas where both stopping and parking are prohibited, the observation time is 0 minutes. In areas where parking is prohibited, it is normal procedure to observe the car before a charge is imposed.

I was only parked shortly2023-05-03T07:40:41+00:00

Can I postpone payment?


No. It is not possible to postpone the payment deadline for an imposed parking fee.

Can I postpone payment?2023-05-08T08:48:18+00:00

How to complain


If you for some reason want to complain about a fee please contact us via the form above. Be as specific as possible and remember to provide us with relevant attachements, ex receits.

How to complain2023-05-03T07:30:15+00:00

Via QR-code


Scan the QR-code on the fee with your phone's camera. Follow the link that pops up on the screen. Then choose a payment option and pay as you would any other online purchase. This is by far the quickest way [...]

Via QR-code2023-05-03T07:32:50+00:00

What is the law?


We manage private parking areas. Private property rights and the Contracts Act apply here, unlike the public parking areas, which are regulated by the provisions of the Traffic Act. An owner of a parking area can, according to general property [...]

What is the law?2023-05-31T14:12:55+00:00
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