The first warning letter from the us is just a reminder, which is sent to be sure that the parking fee has been received, as we cannot guarantee that an issued parking fee will remain on the windscreen until you return to the car. When parking at a parking space regulated with ANPR camera your plate has been scanned and you will not receive a parking fee on your windshield. Instead a letter will be sent to the owner of the car.

The first reminder is always without a reminder fee.

If you fail to pay the parking fee within the payment deadline (which appear on the first letter) you receive a reminder with a fee of 100 DKK.

There will be a reminder fee of DKK 100 for each time a new reminder is sent. A parking company is entitled to charge DKK 100 in reminder fees according to the rules in section 9b, subsection of the Interest Act. 2, 1st point.