Get a white-label solution for your parking operations

Whether you have a guard company and want to expand into parking or you have a existing parking solution, we can offer our services to you as a full solution or add-on for your parking needs.

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Whatever your needs, we have the perfect digital parking solutions for you. Our parking management solutions are tailored to fit any size of parking lot, saving you time and money on administration, while also maximizing profits and convenience.

Take back the control of your parking lot

A all-in-one solution with OPARKO

Our parking solutions offers a wide variety of parking solutions, designed specifically to fit your needs. Our platform offers great administration of parking and combined with our app, you have everything you need for a parking solution for your customers. We handle everything with billing and debt collection in regards to fees, fines, subscriptions and rental on short and long term, and we only take a small cut of the proceeds.

Sales of permit

Parking can be a mess But it doesn’t have to be.

With our convenient platform, you can easily access all the parking–related information you need. We make it simple and manageable.

What we do

Are you looking for a way to make parking administration simpler, more efficient, and more convenient? Our one–stop platform is designed to make parking management easy for you, your customers, and your visitors.

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Fully digital


Get your own


You decide the
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Add-ons that makes your solution even more efficient

Camera control
Parking Warden
Parking warden
Control your parking area yourself

Rent out your
parking area

Charging Station
Charging stations