We manage private parking areas. Private property rights and the Contracts Act apply here, unlike the public parking areas, which are regulated by the provisions of the Traffic Act.

An owner of a parking area can, according to general property law, set the rules for the use of the parking areas that belong to the property.

An owner can also choose to let a private parking company manage the area, for example Oparko. We will then supervise that the parking rules are observed.

The collaboration partner determines the rules for the area together with us. Signs are set up so that the conditions are visible to everyone who drives into the area. However, it is your responsibility as a parker to inform yourself and familiarize yourself with the conditions that apply to the space in which you wish to park.

If you do not comply with the conditions that apply to the individual space, you may be charged a parking fee. This regardless of what the rules say, and it’s irrelevant here if you haven’t seen the terms signs. The parking fee must cover the administration of the parking scheme and is done in accordance with contract law.

In areas with private parking supervision, at the entrance to the area via signage, attention must be drawn to the fact that the area is private and that special rules for parking apply.

When you choose to pass the entrance sign with the white “P” and park in a private area, you tacitly accept the rules indicated on the sign in the area and enter into an agreement in accordance with the Contracts Act.

In the parking area itself, the parking rules must appear clearly from the signage. It is your own responsibility to familiarize yourself with the rules before you park. If you have parked in violation of the rules, the Parking Company issues a parking fee.

If possible the parking fee will be placed under the windscreen wiper. If not possible it will be sent to the address of the owner of the car. The parking fee also states the consequences of failing to pay. It is not our responsibility that the parking fee remains until you return to the car.

When a parking fee is issued, we directs the inquiry to the Central Register of Motor Vehicles, which provides information on the owner/user of the car.

We have access to the Motor Register. This is according to the Act on the Registration of Vehicles and related notices. We are thus entitled to search the Motor Register for the name and address of the registered primary owners and users of a motorized vehicle.