Efficient parking enforcement

Enforcing parking rules can be a challenge, but with OPARKO’s comprehensive enforcement solutions, you can ensure that your parking area runs smoothly and efficiently.

Take back the control of your parking lot

Efficient parking enforcement

Enforcing parking rules can be a challenge, but with OPARKO’s comprehensive enforcement solutions, you can ensure that your parking area runs smoothly and efficiently.

Take back the control of your parking lot

We offer different options for enforcing your parking rules

Our team of experienced parking wardens can patrol your parking area and issue fines to vehicles that violate your rules.
With our self-ticketing solution, you can provide your own staff with handheld devices to issue fines to vehicles that violate your rules.
Our camera enforcement system uses state-of-the-art ANPR technology to capture license plate data and automatically issue fines to violators.

Choose one or a combination of these options to maintain control over your parking area and hold violators accountable.

The ANPR camera installed in your parking lot scans the number plate of every car that enters and leaves, providing enhanced parking management. This eliminates the need for a parking disc, ensuring that the rightful individuals always have a parking space. Additionally, it helps to identify noncustomers, allowing you to enforce parking regulations without needing parking wardens.

The ANPR camera takes a photograph of each vehicle’s license plate as it enters and exits your parking lot. This photo is then sent to our system where it is compared against the rules you have set for parking violations. All you have to do is accept or decline whether or not the visitors should be fined for any violations.

Only the pictures of the car and it’s number plate is stored in our secure database. No personal information is stored. The pictures is used as documentation for the fee.

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With our convenient platform, you can easily access all the parking–related information you need. We make it simple and manageable.

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Are you looking for a way to make parking administration simpler, more efficient, and more convenient. Our one–stop platform is designed to make parking management easy for you, your customers, and your visitors.

Add-ons that makes your solution even more efficient

Camera control
Parking Warden
Parking warden
Camera enforcement

Camera enforcement

Cameras are an effective solution for parking management, providing a comprehensive, around-the-clock enforcement process. Eliminating the need for parking discs, barriers, and wardens, ANPR cameras offer variable payment options to customers, resulting in a streamlined and efficient parking experience.

Unlike parking wardens who need to take breaks or visit other parking lots, ANPR cameras can operate continuously, ensuring a reliable and visitor friendly enforcement process.

Overall ANPR cameras offer many benefits for parking management, including increased efficiency, reduced costs, and active enforcement.


Take control of your own parking space with the app ‘OPARKO! With the app, you can easily manage your parking lot from the convenience of your phone, granting access, issuing fines, and deleting mistakes with ease. Our team is always ready to help you along the way, so you‘ll never have to worry about depending on others.

Issuing the fine with our app “OPARKO” with three easy steps:

1) You scan a picture of the cars numberplate

2) Then you take pictures of the car

3) You scan and place our custom parking tickets with a QR-code and place it on the windshield

You have full access to all your own data from our platform. Gain a comprehensive overview of your parking lot(s) and effortlessly modify permissions and fines using our user-friendly platform. Furthermore, our platform allows you to extract valuable data and generate insightful statistics.

You control who has the access to the app and you can hand out this option to whom ever you want. In this way you have the control and the full enforcement to your own space.

With the option of Self-Ticketing Enforcement you can make your parking smooth for your guest and personally make sure that your guest have a parking spot when visiting you. You handle the permission yourself so that no guest, visitor or customers leaves from a meeting with you to find a parking fine.

Yes. It’s possible to combine our Self-Ticketing Solution with parking warden control.

The parking wardens issues tickets trough our system and in that way you can always track you parking from our OPARKO-platform

OPARKO takes care of all complaints handling and fine recovery and we are always ready to help you. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help. 

The parking wardens are especially suited for large parking areas and residential areas and parking lots in suburban areas.

Parking Wardens

Parking Wardens

The uniform gives you security and safety

OPARKO offers a broad network of partnerships with professional parking warden companies. We provide custom solutions tailored to your needs, allowing you to decide how frequently our parking wardens will visit your location. As an added bonus, our package also includes SelfTicketing Enforcement (click the link for more details), so you can ensure parking control without the need to wait for wardens to arrive.