Why am I still receiving reminders?


If you have paid but are still receiving reminders or reminder fees, it may be due to the following reasons: The serial number was entered incorrectly or not entered at all during payment There is someone else who has paid [...]

Why am I still receiving reminders?2023-05-08T08:55:12+00:00

Can I postpone payment?


No. It is not possible to postpone the payment deadline for an imposed parking fee.

Can I postpone payment?2023-05-08T08:48:18+00:00

Via QR-code


Scan the QR-code on the fee with your phone's camera. Follow the link that pops up on the screen. Then choose a payment option and pay as you would any other online purchase. This is by far the quickest way [...]

Via QR-code2023-05-03T07:32:50+00:00

Via bank transfer


You can pay by adding the serial number from the fee or your car's registration number as text when transferring to: Bank: Djursland's bank Account information: Reg: 7264 Account: 0001408595 For international transactions: IBAN DK0772640001408595 BIC/SWIFT DJURDK22

Via bank transfer2023-05-03T07:32:02+00:00
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