Do you have a parking area with daily guests and generally experience high activity?

Then an ANPR camera control is the obvious solution for you!

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition and is a fully automated camera control that operates 24/7. This parking solution is both effective and easy as it simplifies the parking experience for both the parking lot administrator and the parker.

Create a great parking experience for your parkers.

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There are several benefits to using ANPR for parking management

Increased efficiency: ANPR eliminates the need for manual ticketing and fee collection, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. It also enables automatic enforcement of parking regulations, such as time limits and restricted areas.

Enhanced security: ANPR can help identify unauthorized vehicles and alert parking attendants to potential threats. It can also facilitate the tracking of vehicles in case of an incident or emergency.

Improved customer experience: ANPR allows for a more seamless and convenient parking experience for customers. They can enter and exit the parking area without having to stop and interact with a parking attendant or a ticket machine.

Reduced costs: ANPR can reduce labor costs associated with manual ticketing and fee collection. It can also improve the utilization of parking spaces by reducing the occurrence of illegal parking and ensuring that only authorized vehicles are allowed to park.

Overall, ANPR is a smart way to manage parking areas as it provides a range of benefits including increased efficiency, enhanced security, improved customer experience, and reduced costs. It is a proven and reliable technology are being widely adopted by parking operators and authorities around the world.