Standardized customers?

No. “One size fits all” does not exist with us – instead, we develop each parking solution precisely to each individual customer’s needs. None of our customers’ parking areas are the same, just as the product needs vary from customer to customer. In collaboration with the customer, we ALWAYS develop and assemble the solution that matches their individual needs and parking area. Sometimes that solution might be the same as someone else’s, but it is still thoughtfully chosen specifically for the customer.

Read more about our solutions here to get an overview of what matches your needs.

If you would like to learn more, please contact our sales team:
+45 88 74 31 94

Our costumers are:

  • Hotels – both the very busy and the small and cozy

  • Shopping Centers – they rarely come in standard sizes and have very differentiated needs

  • Housing complexes¬† – can be privately or publicly owned

  • Businesses – everything from a barbershop to a large retailmarket

  • Leisure associations – their membes can have highly different needs for parking

  • And all the others – those who do not “fit into a box”

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